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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A little adventure to the South of England

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love the seaside. Last week I went on a little family holiday to the south of England and it was perfect mainly because I was by the beach everyday. We explored loads of cute seaside town's and little villages and even the place where I was born. We ended up in Portsmouth, Bognor, Chichester, Midhurst and loads of other little places where I cant remember the names. Even if everyone does sound rather posh then there's me with my Yorkshire accent. It's made me want to live down there so much you have no idea. I'm going to make it my aim to one day own a pastel house down south by the sea preferably in Brighton because that is the most perfect town ever and they have bunting's down streets and its just the cutest thing you will ever see. I genuinely think I'm in love with it plus they had a sass and belle shop there and its brilliant okay.


  1. Your pictures make me miss the sea. Haven't been on a vacation for a long time!

    Reflection of Sanity