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Monday, 15 September 2014

Is taking a Gap Year a good decision?

Okay, I'm sure many people before University have thought about a gap year and whether to take one. I have friends who took a gap year and those who went straight to university even though they were completely unsure about if they had chosen the right course. Some of them made the right decision and loved it and others rushed into any course and dropped out. Its a difficult decision deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life especially when its pushed upon you from out of thin air then you have a matter of months to decide. Its nerve wrecking to say the least!
 For me it has always either been English or textiles/fashion. So when I found a course that involves both my love for writing and fashion/design I was pretty much sold. However I still decided to take a gap year and I'm glad I Did. I had people saying to me it was a waste of time and how I would lose enthusiasm however to me it has done the complete opposite.
I got a job, it wasn't a great job in all honesty it depressed me so much but I swear seeing how tough it is in the real world its motivated me more to follow my dream to end up doing something I love.  Yet the money I saved was great and I managed to experience so much. I went to London, Scotland, Italy and to the south of England and still have a trip to Paris and Zante on the cards hopefully for the next year. I went to my first festival which was Download and It was probably the best experience in the world and I'm definitely getting my ticket for next year as the atmosphere along with the music was an unforgettable experience.
My boyfriend took a gap year with me too, and we both don't regret it in the slightest, we may have had some shitty job's yet we made so many memories this year which makes up for it. It's odd but this year has made me a stronger and independent plus I've gained some lovely new friends and reunited with some older ones too. I'm not saying taking a gap year is for everyone but if you need a break or are uncertain then its a good option. For me personally its determined me more and made me realize what I want to do. It even made me make this blog and I'm so glad I did as its been a great experience. I've even been invited to a couple of blogger events but haven't been able to go with them being in London but still its pretty great to be invited. If you are deciding whether or not to take a gap year, just do whatever you want to do and what makes you happy. You can always refer your university offer for a year too.
As much as I've loved my gap year, I'm equally excited to start University studying fashion, brand promotion and journalism its going to be a change but certainly a good one. Also just remember don't try to please others around you and do what you want for yourself as you will feel much better in the long run!

Friday, 12 September 2014

Turning twenty and life

Not going to lie, I was quite terrified about turning twenty which sounds quite stupid as its not a big landmark of an age. But when you look around and see the amount of twenty odd year olds who have already achieved so much it's quite threatening especially for a worry wart like myself. Anyhow turning twenty wasn't as scary as I thought it would be mainly because I don't even see myself as being twenty plus i still look about 15, yay! I had a lovely birthday this year, got some beautiful presents and spent time with my favorite people and in less than two days I embark on my journey of moving out and starting my first year at university. 
As much as everything is going to change, in the next couple of days I'm super happy at the moment, everything recently has just been charming. I've got all the right kinds of people back into my life and I'm genuinely in a great place. Excited already to see what my twenties have in store for me. Hasta la vista teen years!

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Autumn Fashion wishlist

Autumn is my favorite season without a doubt for many reasons and the fashion that goes along with it is definitely a main one. I love layering clothes and wearing big coats, and thick cardigans and being able to wear boots, I've really missed my boots this summer. My wishlist is  a lot bigger than this, you should see how many things I've got bookmarked from misguided its a tad ridiculous. However the above are the current ones I'm wanting the most. I'm really loving pastel colours still, and think that this scallop hem top is perfect to dress up or down, as its so versatile.  
I recently noticed I have a lack of accessories so I've realized I definitely need to buy a couple of necklaces. At the moment forever 21 are doing some super cheap geometric style ones along with primark too. On the topic of accessories, another thing I really want to own soon is this cute lime green bag from new look. Its perfect size for those days you don't want to carry much plus the colour is beautiful.
As I mentioned early I love boots and I'm really loving the whole chunky sole trend so I definitely need these ones from New look. Not to mention they are such great value. The other bits and bobs on my wishlist, is this beautiful checkered coat on Sheinside which is so chic and has a very retro 60's feel which i adore. Plus for £26 its a bargain! 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Daily travel essentials

I've always been intrigued by peoples, what's in my bag posts mainly because I'm super nosey! Anyway I decided to do my own. So lets take a trip inside my bag. For everyday I usually just take the bare minimum, so whenever I'm in a rush in the morning which is most mornings as I love the snooze button a little to much. I usually just make sure I chuck my make up bag in with whatever I've put on on my face earlier. Lip balm is also another must, I hate having chapped lips so literally make sure I take my carmex everywhere as that has to be my favorite one. Next up is my cute little purse that is quite a new purchase that I got off eBay. Then there is my phone, I'm one of those that feels a little lost without there phone. I literally cant stop myself going on Instagram and other social media sites. Plus I cant have a journey without listening to music. Last is a changeable one, as its either a book or a notebook I carry around. So If I'm not currently obsessed with a book, I love to have my little notebook around to jot ideas down and make lists as I have a thing for list making.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Most Loved Autumn/ Winter 14 collections

I've been meaning to publish this post for ages but whilst its been Spring and Summer I haven't wanted to bring on the autumn trends just yet however as its now September I think its time to have a look back at all the A/W 14 looks and all the designers that I've loved this season.

First up is Valentino, who never fails to impress! I'm really loving there ready to wear collection even though the couture is equally if not more stunning. Valentino's use of dark rich autumnal colours make these dresses even more stunning. I'm particularly loving the metallic fabrics along with embellishment and the use of layering fabrics with the two sheer dresses. The colours, the fabrics and the feminine shapes are just many of the reasons this collection is so perfect.

Kirchhoff has to be one of my favourite designers due to how quirky and colourful there collections always are. There a/w collection is just a prime example why I love them from there use of pastel colours, to tailored/masculine blazers and coats and metallic shoes. Whats not to love! I love the preppy and vintage feel this collection has not to mention the use of different shades of purple and pink.

Katrantzou is a designer known for digital prints and interesting sculptured shapes. Yet her A/W collection is quite different but still as lovely. With her use of rich colours and hints of metallic, again which are in strong use this season. This collection has a few more tailored pieces like the brocade trousers but still there is a lot of feminine shapes thrown in with the use of pleats. The one thing that sounds out the most has to be the detailing in her collection especially on the two dresses shown above its so beautifully intricate with the use of embellished symbols.

The use of colour in this collection certainly caught my attention and made me fall in love with it instantly. I love the bold use of primary colours and how well the colours work together along with the digital prints used and the 50's/60's shapes used from full blown skirts to a line shapes. I'm especially loving the co ord set with that metallic fabric as its stunning.

Elie Saab
Saab in my eyes is one of the best when it comes to couture. I have literally based so many projects on his collections as they're flawless. His ready to wear collection has no faults either from the use of dark floral prints to the use of dark plum colours and the use of ombre colours. It's just a perfect collection and not forgetting his use of embellishment for intricate detail and sheered layered fabrics. If only I could afford such beautiful things.

Who are your favourite designers and what collections have been your favourite for a/w 14?

Sunday, 31 August 2014

My favourites for August 2014

So its officially the end of summer with today being the last day of August. It's crazy to think tomorrow is September then the day after I turn 20 and shortly I'm moving out! Anyhow to avoid panicking, I shall get back to all the things I've Loved this month.
First of its stationary, I think the best thing about starting a new year of education is being able to shop for new stationary. I bought a couple of cutesy things in paperchase but I loved this little notebook the best, its so cute plus I just have to have my notebook as I have a thing for writing lists. Another favourite for this month has to be books, one that has stood out for me is It by Alexa Chung mainly because its such a fun and inspirational fashion read.
A favourite post would be incomplete without some good old beauty products thrown in. The Clinique High Impact Mascara has easily become my favourite this month, its literally amazing it makes my eyelashes look incredible. Next is the Number 4 prep & protect which I received in my birchbox this month and I love it. It controls my frizzy hair and even smooths it so I don't even need to straighten my hair after blow drying any more. 
Another favourite is this Model's Own Rhubarb and Custard Nail Polish. I have such a massive sweet tooth so when I heard about there scented sweet collection range I just had to try it. Even though the scent doesn't last long the colour is such a cute glittery red.
I got my nose pierced a couple of months back, and have been waiting ages to be able to wear some nose rings. I got this pack of three smalls ones and just loved the range of colours, from multicoloured metallic to black and silver plus for £8 there a bargain!
On the topic of Bargains, I would have to say my best bargain of the month is this gorgeous purple cotton rag rug. I was going to buy a similar one in Urban Outfitters but while I was in Leeds a friend of mine suggested this shop to me called yellow sunrise. So I ended up buying this for only £13 and its beautiful and so so soft. Cannot wait to put it in my new flat! 

Have you tried any of these and what have your favourites been this month?

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Little Waterstone's Haul

As a leaving present from my work, I got a Waterstones gift voucher and loads of chocolates too which literally got eaten within 24 hours of receiving them. Anyhow, the waterstones voucher was probably the nicest thing imaginable as I'm always on the want for new books so what a great opportunity to get some. I suppose you could call this my late summer reading list, as its books I've been wanting to get my hands on for some time. 

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee - I've heard a lot about this book mainly good things so I thought this would be a good addition to read. The plot mainly focuses on the attitudes to race and class in the 1930's and one man's struggle for justice. 

More than This by Patrick Ness -  So this is one of those books that kept popping up and grabbing my attention. I then found that John Green had recommend this book and it kind of gave me that extra shove to buy it. The plot focuses on a boy named Seth who wakes up in an abandoned world and is searching for answers about life and even the afterlife. I have a feeling this is going to be a great read.

We are all completely beside ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler - This one was more of an impulse buy. I stumbled across it in waterstones and not gonna lie I was quite drawn to it by the cover. However the plot doesn't disappoint either as it certainly sounds interesting. Its about an unusual family, with loads of secrets so the mystery is rather high in this book.

It by Alexa chung - Okay, so I kind of love Alexa Chung as she is superb and is such an influence in the fashion world. So I had to buy this just for the inspiration it with holds. 

Have you read any of these and what books are you currently reading/wanting?