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Monday, 28 July 2014

White lace

White lace dress// Yellow Satchel from primark// Map watch // Black cut out boots// Leather jacket//

I've always been a sucker for white dresses especially in lace form as I think they look perfect in the summer and can easily be dressed up and down. I got this dress for a £5 on eBay and is a dupe of an asos dress I've seen so made it even more worthwhile to buy this. Only problem I do have with it is that its super short on me and I'm 5ft 3(I'm so short it hurts) but its wearable with tights and leggings. I've played it safe with this look mainly because its so short, so teamed it up with my reliable leather jacket and cut out ankle boots. Then added a bit of colour with my yellow satchel, and accessories.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Summer Make up Essentials

It's officially summer! Which means i can wear my jelly sandals out well as long as it doesn't rain. Anyway as its getting warmer, I always feel the need to make some alterations to my make up routine.
As much as I love my new foundation it can sometimes just be too heavy on a warm day. When I recently went into body shop, I came across the Tea tree BB cream and I'm happy I impulsed bought it as its perfect it has good coverage, doesn't clog pores however I do suggest if your skin is oily to apply a powder on top as it doesn't help shine very much. I use the Rimmel stay matte powder mainly because its a bargain at £4 and because it does the trick perfectly.
Next up, concealer! As much as i love my trustworthy collection concealer, it just doesn't last very long throughout the day. I got this fit me concealer from Maybelline and its pretty much better version of the collection concealer and it doesn't cake or oxidise which is fab.
Since its warmer, I would say that an eye primer is necessary and i love the benefit stay don't stray. I use it before I put concealer under my eyes and then on my eyelids. It makes me eye make up stay put especially my eye liner.
I fall in love and out of love with eye liners, pretty fast but my current favourite is Soap and Glory's supercat, its a perfect colour and has even better staying power. The next Soap and Glory product which is perfect is the archery brow pen, which I'm loving at the moment, especially since my hair is lighter in the summer it works so well.
The last couple of things, are the sleek blush palette which has just the nicest bright colours, the coral colour especially. Then the mememe highlighter which is great for contouring and just giving certain parts of your face a bit of a glow. As for the lip gloss it has to be benefit plush up gloss in Fauxmance, its a beautifully subtle colour and it keeps my lips moisturised perfectly.

These would definitely have to be my summer make up saviours. What are your essential summer items?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sun, Sea & Sand: July Birchbox 2014.

July's Birchbox has been perfect to me, I've loved every single item in this month's box which is strange as Im always in two minds with subscription boxes. However Birch box, is one that is literally perfect. This month I received;

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream: As I'm not that old yet, eye creams aren't really a thing I look out for. Yet this is such a lovely eye cream when I've been testing it out. Its delicate and light, and I've really noticed a difference. Under eye puffiness is vanished and there's added brightness, plus with natural ingredients its fab.

Whish Lavender Body Butter: The first thing that caught my eye with this was definitely its minimalistic yet cute packaging. Then it was definitely the smell, as its so gorgeous, its a very sweet smell with a hint of lavender. I really like this product though mainly because it doesn't just moisturises it also firms and purifies so is a great all rounder body butter.

Benefit The Porefessional: I adore benefit products, but just don't have enough money to go out and buy them as there not the cheapest so whenever I receive a sample from them its the greatest. This is certainly one I'm going to use up too, as well its a great primer keeps my make up put and vanishes the appearance of pores, its pretty much magical.

Laqa & co Sheer Lip Lube in Menatour: Seeing this bright purple Lip stick when I opened my birchbox not going to lie I was highly sceptical that I would even wear it. I gave it a swatch and its not as intimidating as it appears, and is much more subtle with hints of pink and purple. It looks pretty damn good on as well and just gives a natural make up look a little bit of an edge.

Models own nail polish in Atomic: I'm such a hoarder of nail polish, I love getting new colours to add to my collection. So getting this lovely red glittery models own one just made this months box even better than it already was.

Yet again Birchbox has been great for another month, every product has been great not to mention it even came with a handy nail file cube which was much needed for my mess of nails.

Join Birchbox for only £12.95 a month including P+P here and get £5 free to spend in the store

Monday, 21 July 2014

It's all about the detail

Cut out and cute detailing on clothing is something I tend to look out for and this skirt and top certainly caught my attention. I had similar items to these in my asos wishlist, however I found identical items on Sheinside not to mention they were like a quarter of the price. I especially couldn't turn down the skirt as of the lovely mint colour and I just love the cut out organza detail. I would have to say my favourite bargain out of this post is the midi rings, I got a set of silver ones from primark and they are so adorable especially the daisy ones. 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

The controversial world of dupes

I realise there is a very mixed opinion when it comes to dupes. I cant say I have a yes or no opinion on them, I'm lost in the middle. On one hand they are just copy cat versions of the originals, so just lack being unique and also mean that they end up causing a profit loss for the original items in the first place. However, the prices of dupes, are just too great to deny. Being a student with a not so great income, I always love to look out for bargains, when it comes to beauty and fashion. It also gives me a weird sense of proud knowing I've got something for half the price, its odd I know. However if I could afford the original's I would but sometimes a good dupe is just to hard to resist.

Current favourite fashion dupes:
Dupes From Left to right;
Original: Missguided floral playsuit - £30/ Dupe on Sheinside - £12.28
Original: Asos White lace shift dress - £25/ Dupe On Ebay - £5.16
Original: New look Tile Print Kimono - £25/ Dupe On Ebay - £8
Original : Topshop Striped Daisy tee - £24/ Dupe on Sheinside - £8.50

The dupe prices of these items are so unbelievable though, and are pretty damn great for my shopping addiction. You have no idea how hard it is for me too save money. But I seem to be managing with the likes of SheInside and Ebay and not to mention all the affordable make up dupes to go with it.
What is your opinion on dupes and have you stumbled across any good ones?

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Soap & Glory : Essential eye products

Soap & Glory is a brand that I have heard all about but never tried. As I saw it was 3 for 2 on the range in boots I thought it would be a great opportunity to see if the products lived up to the hype.

Kickass Concealer: I'm always on the look out for a good concealer as much as I like liquid ones. I gave this a try as it has a very creamy thick consistency and reminds me a lot of the no7 stick concealer and its pretty damn similar. I cant say its very great for blemishes as it does highlight dry skin however for under eyes its perfect. It gets rid of dark circles and makes my eyes look refreshed as it illuminates as well.

Archery Brow Tint & Precision Shaping Pencil: This is one, I've been wanting to try for ages however its taken a while for me to get a hold of it as its been out of stock. I'm so glad I own it now though, as its fab! It has pen on one side, which is used to fill in the sparse parts of your eyebrows then has a pencil on the other side to shape. Its such a great duo not to mention its quick and easy and gives natural results unlike other eyebrow kits where you have to be careful. Only complaint I would say is that they don't have one for very dark haired girls and it is a bit light for me however its still great.

Supercat Eyeliner: I love felt tip eye liners, because of how easy they are to use and I love doing the cat eye flick. I bought this one as my eyeko one just wasn't pigmented enough. Its jet black, and glides on effortlessly. It is a bit tricky to get the hang of it as it can be a bit thick the line but a bit of practice and its amazing. Definitely now my favourite eye liner.

Overall I'm so pleased with each of these products, I would definitely recommend them all.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Mellow Yellow

//Pop Boutique Coord set// Sunglasses// Yellow Satchel from Primark// White sandals//

 Yellow has always been a colour I've loved but always been afraid to wear. I came across this super cute coord set from Pop boutique in Ark when I went shopping and even though I did say I would stay away from floral clothes (as its all I seem to own). I just couldn't say no to this cute little set, mainly because I needed a coord set and because of the colours used.
If you've been into primark recently they have these cute little satchels all in a variety of pastel colours which is just amazing especially as they cost only £6, it was so hard just to pick the one colour. But it had to be yellow as its such a refreshing colour and puts me in the summer spirit.