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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Cheap & Cheerful Autumn Makeup Essentials

Being a student, without a job is quite the struggle especially when you are used to a regular income. It can be difficult to relay on a loan, especially when it all goes so fast and you are sat there wondering how and why.
I've always been a bargain hunter, so I suppose I'm kind of made out for the student life. All the products listed are under a £5, so if you are on a budget at the moment this is perfect for you!
As its autumn, and a lot colder I like to spruce up my makeup routine and add a bit more colour for the duller months.
Mua, are an unbelievably cheap makeup range available in Superdrug almost so cheap it makes you question it a tad but nevertheless who can say no to a £3 eye pallette. I picked this one due to its nice neutral shades which vary from matte to glittery. I also love the darker navy colours that can be used for a great evening look. 
Next from Mua is this matte lacquer which again was only £3 and its pretty much a dupe of lime crime's velvetine range. I loved this dark berry colour, and it looks great worn alone during the day to add a pop of colour to a natural look.
Another cheap brand that I can't seem to fault is Collection, again this lipstick was £2.99. 
The colour is seduction which is a beautiful dark red colour that can be worn quite subtle or built up for more of a statement.
The next two products, are magazine samples. I am guilty of sometimes just buying a magazine for its freebies. But I couldn't say no to an Estee lauder sample from Harpers Bazaar which was £4.20. As for the nails inc polish that was free in Glamour magazine this month, and I really love red's, so I couldn't say no to this pretty autumnal colour.

What are your best bargain beauty buys?

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Autumn styling : Mustard jumper

//Mustard jumper//Daisy Shift Dress-missguided//leather jacket// chunky boots//

Autumn has to be my favourite seasons no doubt about it, The colours of the fallen leaves are beautiful, I love the fact there is blue skies but a chill in the air that almost wakes you up whenever you leave your house in a morning. I could literally ramble on for a very long time about my love for this time of year for hours. Anyway this was taken in a park near the city, and i couldn't help but run straight for the massive pile of leaves I spotted.
This outfit again is pretty casual but a great autumn piece because its so cosy, for this time of year. Teamed with my knitted jumper, leather jacket and ankle boots, the cold isn't going to attack me in this outfit. The jumper to me was a big deal, as ive never worn or even owned something mustard yellow, but recently I've been seeing this colour everywhere and I've really taken a liking to it. It kind of screams autumn the colour itself. Teamed with darker pieces, it makes it look less washy and more edgy.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

New City, New Adventures

I love exploring new places and seeing new sights, I think it was so important to me that when I choose my uni and were I was going to live it was somewhere new and unfamiliar to me. As weird as that sounds! I kind of like the whole fresh start kind of thing, and everything is new, its a great exploration in my eyes. I like the thought of finding new places, whether its shops, cafes or parks. 
The pictures above are probably some of my favourite parts of Preston. Its an odd city, to anyone who has never been its a mix of old and new, run down and modern. But it has a kind of great character and I would definitely say it has tons of pretty places, from its old buildings, and certain streets that make you feel as though you are in London. I feel as though it has a lot of potential for an upcoming city. Maybe others will feel differently but I'm quite happy here, theres something about it that kind of feels like I've always lived here. I cant wait to make some new memories here and adventure some more. I cant be the only one who gets excited about new places right? 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Autumn Fashion: Oxblood Trend

//Black Jumper- H&M//Oxblood floral shorts - Forever 21// Cut out shoes - Primark// Tartan Scarf - Ebay// Leather jacket - H&M//

Ive been so terrible this past month with blogging. Starting university and everything has just been crazy though, especially my course I've either been working on project after project or elsewhere. I feel as though I haven't even had chance to blog but I'm really going to make sure, I dont stop posting. Going to have to find some spare time and put more effort into it, as i really do love to blog but with uni draining me, Ive had no motivation at all.
Its Autumn already, which is kind of crazy as summer only feels like yesterday. Yet Im super happy its here, even if its alot colder theres something about it which is so comforting.  Plus its halloween tomorrow and shortly followed by Bonfire night.
This outfit is pretty casual, its kind of my go to outfit at the moment, i've literally been living in this black jumper. Its soo comfy and is such a versatile piece.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Monthly Favourites : September

Clinque Superbalanced Makeup in petal// Soap and Glory Kickass Concealer in Light// Benefit Gimme Brow

This month has flown by, it literally feels as though my birthday was yesterday instead of almost a month ago. I'm keeping my favorites this month quite short and sweet mainly because I think I have some quite solid favorites at the moment that don't seem to be budging anytime soon.
I always seem to have battles with foundation, one minute we get on fine the next minute I cant stand them, either they break me out or just don't last throughout the day.
Recently I've been in a love hate relationship with my rimmel makeup, and its turned out to be a lot more hated at the moment. So I decided to buy something that is much better for my skin, and went for trustworthy Clinique. Being rather pale is a challenge and I was quite terrified at how dark this color is. But once Its applied and buffed in a bit its the perfect colour, for my snow white complexion plus its oil free, and non comedogenic.
The other two products I've had for a while but there literally have become essentials for me. The kickass concealer is great for under eye circles and Its even been great on my blemishes as its got quite a creamy consistency.
Then there is Benefit Gimme Brow, which I find amazing as I love how natural the product looks once applied and how it just gives your eyebrows a bit of colour and shape. Plus I just cant resist benefit products, because there packaging is super lovely.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Personalising student accomodation

Recently moving into student accommodation well its odd, in the sense that yes it is your new home for the year yet it really doesn't feel like it. For me making it feel more comforting and homely is a big deal, I am a lame one and have already felt a bit home sick but with a bit of decoration its already starting to look and feel better.
The first thing I looked into buying was little trinket pots mainly because there a good decorative accessory plus are handy storage for little bits and bobs. I got this deer trinket pot and white floral pot both from debenhams and they were roughly a £5 each. Debenhams always has lovely home stuff so I definitely reccommand looking in there and bhs too!
I did bring a lot of my favorite books and dvd's too they add colour to shelves plus I wouldn't have been able to cope without them.
Next up is stationary! Which is definitely a uni essential so why not go for colourful patterns and so on to liven things up. I got this cute little pen pot on holiday in a gift shop and it makes my desk look a little less serious along with my little totoro which is too adorable.
Moving onto the bedroom, bedding to me is a big deal I think it can really bring a room together. So if I'm not allowed to put anything on the walls and there cream, vibrant bedding was a must to add a bit of colour. I got this patchwork bedding from bhs and it was only £22 plus they do student discount! As were not allowed to put anything on walls and the room has a massive memo board, I decided to use the memo board and put photos on it.  This is the perfect way to make anything more personal, in my eyes I love having photos around so on the memo board or in a frame is  great way to make the place feel more homely. I'm quite pleased with the place so far, and the little bits and bobs certainly make a difference.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Vintage boho

Paisley dress// Triangle necklace from primark// Tan satchel from Matalan// Tbar flats from primark//

I've neglected this blog a little with my lack of fashion related posts but I've really not had the time at the moment. I've moved into my new flat now though and start University officially next week, so I'm wanting to keep up and carry on with more fashion related posts. This is a very casual post, but I just had to show of these new shoes as they are beautiful, comfy and only a £12 from primark! I've moved to Preston and the primark is pretty damn great I feel as though I'm going to be wasting my student loans in there. I bought this dress last year, and I still love it at how relaxed it is not to mention the gorgeous paisley print, which gives off such a vintage vibe. I teamed this up with just a simple triangle necklace which was a £1.50 and just great for a little burst of detail and my pandora bracelet. I received a cute little daisy charm for my birthday so I cant stop wearing it. These are probably not the best pictures ever either but I didn't feel like bringing my dslr to blackpool!