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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Tips to get into the christmas spirit

Christmas has to be one of my favourite holidays without a doubt. But this year I have found it hard to get into the spirit of it all. With my first semester of university finished and having time on my hands now I'm slightly getting more into the spirit and being less of a grinch by doing these little things.

Decorations: Are a must, my flat didn't look christmassy in the slightest so me and my boyfriend went out and bought a couple of things. We managed to get a christmas tree with lights, and decorations from wilkinsons for £20 which was such a bargain and really spruces the place up. If you cant get a tree, paper chains are great along with little foil decorations or window stickers and even candles.

Films: Stocking up on christmas films is a definite spirit riser. I love watching love actually while wrapping up christmas presents. My other favourites are elf, santa clause and the nightmare before christmas to name a few. Even watching christmas episodes of your favourite tv shows is just as great.

Markets: I make it my aim every year to go to a christmas market even if its just a local one, if you go in the evening when its darker and all the lights are on its almost magical. Last year I went down to london and experienced the winter wonderland in hyde park and it was so unbelievably stunning.

Baking: Making festive treats is one of my favourite things to do at this time of year. I usually just spend hours on pinterest looking at different ones to try.

Music: One thing that never fails to get me into the festive spirit, is christmas songs. Whether that be the ones that are always replayed or new ones. My favourite christmas album is an odd one but its the oc chrismukkah album and its full of indie rock christmas songs.

All of these are guaranteed to get you feeling a bit more festive yet the best one is to just put on your ugly christmas jumpers and spend time with loved ones.
What gets you into the holiday spirit?

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Lime Crime: One of the cutest brands there is

If you aren't familiar with Lime crime, its an amazing alternative makeup range with a huge range of coloured lipsticks, eyeliners and eyeshadows. I've been following limecrime for a while now but never bought anything from there. Even though its been hard to resist after my friend purchased two of there lipsticks, I just knew I had to get something. 
After eyeing up there carousel glosses for sometime. I finally decided to get these two beauties, present and Snowsicle. Present a beautiful deep purple/red with loads of glitter and Snowsicle a clear glittery gloss with a slight tint of ice blue (which just makes me think of frozen). Both which are perfect for christmas.
The consistency of these are perfect not too thick and not too thin. Tons of staying power and wonderful pigmentation. Both have a vanilla scent which is definitely a bonus for me. Not to mention how gorgeous the packaging is, there really isn't one bad thing I could say about them. 
If you have any money spare, I would definitely recommend spending it on these!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Winter warmers

Black Jumper - H&M//Paisley print skirt- Missguided//Oversized scarf and necklace - Primark// Coat - forever 21// chunky boots - new look//

Im not really a winter person, my wardrobe really only caters for the summer season so stocking up on winter fashion essentials is quite the challenge. Especially as I really only wear jeans this time of year as I get so lazy with my clothing. I definately would say im wearing all of my favourite winter essentials in this post, from my knitted black jumper, to my gorgeous reversible scarf (which I never want to take off as it's so cosy) and last but not least these black chunky boots which keep my feet snug and comfortable all day. I love how versatile a jumper is as they literally work with anything and I love matching them with printed patterns. This paisley print skirt is definitely of my most loved items right now as it's just adds a nice burst of colour plus it was such a bargain.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Monthly favourites: November

I can not in the slightest believe its December already but I'm so happy it is. I really cannot wait for Christmas and to get to spend the holidays with my family. Ive been so busy with university and continuous projects its going to be such a nice break. As for november my month ended with bad news hence why this is a little late but never the less here are my november favourites.

The first two products are from primark. One being this super cute statement necklace and the other being this gorgeous reversible oversized scarf. I had been on the look out for a super chunky scarf for a while so when I was in Primark and saw this cute plum coloured one for £5, I just had to buy it and I'm so glad I did. Its super comfy and manages to make the cold winter days more bearable.

I will always have a soft spot for adorable phone cases and I couldn't not buy this totoro case one, even if it stops me from now being able to fit my phone in my pocket. Its a price I pay for such a cute phone case, I mean come on it even has whiskers. My other favourite for the month is online shop redbubble. The cute little fox sticker is from there. Basically it's a massive site where independent artists display there designs and turn them into t shirts, stickers, phone cases etc. I've literally bought most of my christmas gifts for my friends from the site as its full of quirky designs.

The last three of my favourites are beauty products. The first is this Toni and Guy cool defining cream, which I mainly bought due to the beautiful packaging design.  The product it self is something I use everyday now though, its brilliant. It keeps my hair frizz free during the day, adds shine and gives it a bit of volume and style. Its such a great allrounder product.

Another hair product i'm currently loving is this bleach london hair chalk. I always have this urge to dye my hair a random colour, but I just know it would take so much to maintain especially with my dark hair. So I feel like these are a fun alternative, the colour I chose was bruised violet which is a plum/purple colour and it works great for when I want to add a bit of colour to my ends. The only down side is that its a bit messy and not the best for dark hair as it is very subtle.

With it being winter, I always carry a lip balm around with me.  I usually always go for carmex, but I saw this and had to try it. It smells beautiful and keeps my lips moisturised for hours. Honey and milk has to be the best combination.

Have you tried any of these and what are your monthly favourites?

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Cheap & Cheerful Autumn Makeup Essentials

Being a student, without a job is quite the struggle especially when you are used to a regular income. It can be difficult to relay on a loan, especially when it all goes so fast and you are sat there wondering how and why.
I've always been a bargain hunter, so I suppose I'm kind of made out for the student life. All the products listed are under a £5, so if you are on a budget at the moment this is perfect for you!
As its autumn, and a lot colder I like to spruce up my makeup routine and add a bit more colour for the duller months.
Mua, are an unbelievably cheap makeup range available in Superdrug almost so cheap it makes you question it a tad but nevertheless who can say no to a £3 eye pallette. I picked this one due to its nice neutral shades which vary from matte to glittery. I also love the darker navy colours that can be used for a great evening look. 
Next from Mua is this matte lacquer which again was only £3 and its pretty much a dupe of lime crime's velvetine range. I loved this dark berry colour, and it looks great worn alone during the day to add a pop of colour to a natural look.
Another cheap brand that I can't seem to fault is Collection, again this lipstick was £2.99. 
The colour is seduction which is a beautiful dark red colour that can be worn quite subtle or built up for more of a statement.
The next two products, are magazine samples. I am guilty of sometimes just buying a magazine for its freebies. But I couldn't say no to an Estee lauder sample from Harpers Bazaar which was £4.20. As for the nails inc polish that was free in Glamour magazine this month, and I really love red's, so I couldn't say no to this pretty autumnal colour.

What are your best bargain beauty buys?

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Autumn styling : Mustard jumper

//Mustard jumper//Daisy Shift Dress-missguided//leather jacket// chunky boots//

Autumn has to be my favourite seasons no doubt about it, The colours of the fallen leaves are beautiful, I love the fact there is blue skies but a chill in the air that almost wakes you up whenever you leave your house in a morning. I could literally ramble on for a very long time about my love for this time of year for hours. Anyway this was taken in a park near the city, and i couldn't help but run straight for the massive pile of leaves I spotted.
This outfit again is pretty casual but a great autumn piece because its so cosy, for this time of year. Teamed with my knitted jumper, leather jacket and ankle boots, the cold isn't going to attack me in this outfit. The jumper to me was a big deal, as ive never worn or even owned something mustard yellow, but recently I've been seeing this colour everywhere and I've really taken a liking to it. It kind of screams autumn the colour itself. Teamed with darker pieces, it makes it look less washy and more edgy.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

New City, New Adventures

I love exploring new places and seeing new sights, I think it was so important to me that when I choose my uni and were I was going to live it was somewhere new and unfamiliar to me. As weird as that sounds! I kind of like the whole fresh start kind of thing, and everything is new, its a great exploration in my eyes. I like the thought of finding new places, whether its shops, cafes or parks. 
The pictures above are probably some of my favourite parts of Preston. Its an odd city, to anyone who has never been its a mix of old and new, run down and modern. But it has a kind of great character and I would definitely say it has tons of pretty places, from its old buildings, and certain streets that make you feel as though you are in London. I feel as though it has a lot of potential for an upcoming city. Maybe others will feel differently but I'm quite happy here, theres something about it that kind of feels like I've always lived here. I cant wait to make some new memories here and adventure some more. I cant be the only one who gets excited about new places right?